Mental Health Articles

Food for thought: Good health starts with your brain
We all want to keep our minds sharp as we age - older adults fear Alzheimer’s disease more than cancer - but we also tend to forget that our brains need exercise and proper nutrition to stay fit just like the rest of us.
Depression among older adults can be serious and treatable
Everyone gets down in the dumps now and then, but being seriously depressed for an extended period of time - more than two weeks - can have devastating consequences for older adults. By recognizing signs of depression, seniors can seek the help they need to overcome the condition and live longer and happier lives.
Recognize and combat holiday depression caused by loss of loved ones
As people grow older, the loss of loved ones can bring on depression that may be heightened during the holiday season. But older adults and the people who care about them can take steps to deal with depression to make the holidays bearable - and even enjoyable - after a loss.
When a spouse dies
In addition to the grief and emotional upheaval caused by the death of a spouse, widowed survivors often face an array of sudden decisions they must make. Managing those final details, however, can help surviving spouses work through the grieving process and maintain control of their lives and their futures.